MCYH is an all-volunteer not for profit organization. The hockey club fully depends on its members to contribute time, effort and resources necessary to provide high quality hockey programming at all age levels. The time, talent and energy that each family contributes to MCYH offsets the cost of playing hockey. The goal of the volunteer policy is to distribute the enormous workload amongst all families.

The involvement of our MCYH families is what makes us a successful organization and provides the opportunity for development of hockey skills and life skills for our skaters. What used to be DIBS is now converted to volunteer hours. Four hours is equal to one DIB in prior years.

Here is how Volunteering Hours/DIBS is assigned per level for the first skater in the family.

  1. Mini-Mite - 0 Hours/0 Dibs
  2. Mites - 16 Hours/4 DIBS
  3. Squirts/PeeWee/Banatam - 24 Hours/6 DIBS

Additional Skaters are assigned 8 Hours/2 DIBS per skater with a maximum of 40 Hour/10 DIBS per family.

Due to MCYH having to facilitate the concession stand per their contract with Marathon County, there will be dates that you must sign up for your volunteer hours by. Not signing up could result in your child not being allowed to participate in activities until your hours are scheduled. Understand, the organizations intent is not to be mean, but rather we must fulfill our contract with the county.

If do not want to fulfill your volunteer hours there is also a buyout option during registration of $500.

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