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2021 Raffle Winners

Pat White - Raffle Ticket Winner (1st & 7th) - $2,750.00

Brad Bodner - Raffle Ticket Winner (2nd) - $2,000.00

Eric Heuser Raffle Ticket Winner (3rd)- $1,500.00

Chris Grosskreutz - Raffle Ticket Winner (4th & 8th)- $1,000.00

Cheryl Kubnick - Raffle Ticket Winner (5th)- $500.00

Duke DeByle - Raffle Ticket Winner (6th)- $250.00

Jan Simonson - Raffle Ticket Winner (9th)- $250.00

Pete Brooks - Raffle Ticket Winner (10th)- $250.00

Brenda Fuls - Raffle Ticket Winner (11th)- $150.00

Justin Wegmueller - Raffle Ticket Winner (12th)- $150.00

Andrew Brueggeman - Raffle Ticket Winner (13th)- $150.00

Laura Townsend - Raffle Ticket Winner (14th)- $150.00

Curt Opper - Raffle Ticket Winner (15th)- $150.00

Alissa Krause - Raffle Ticket Winner (16th)- $150.00

Jen Kelter - Raffle Ticket Winner (17th)- $150.00

Shelley Wimmer - Raffle Ticket Winner (18th)- $150.00

Len Olbrantz - Raffle Ticket Winner (19th)- $150.00

Laurie Yunk - Raffle Ticket Winner (20th)- $150.00

COVID Mask Update 2-5-2021

Dear Warjack families,

You may have read that yesterday the Wisconsin State Assembly repealed the mask mandate.  The Governor then issued an additional emergency order requiring mask wearing.  This may be a bit confusing.

As a hockey community, we are still required to wear masks when in the rink.  There is no change to our current plan.  We have been notified by the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA) that it is still requiring masking in all hockey activities.  I have also reached out to the County, which has confirmed that masking is still required while at the rink.  As such, THERE IS NO CHANGE TO THE COVID PROCEDURES WE HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING THROUGHOUT THE SEASON.  

We have about a month left in the hockey season.  We have had good compliance from players and families, and have not seen spread of Covid throughout teams (knock on wood).  Please continue your efforts in social distancing, masking, and hand washing.  

Go Warjacks!

Chris Toner

Skate With A Friend Day

Hockey Families,

As the season winds down, we hope that you and your skater have enjoyed your year in hockey.  As you can imagine, this has been a difficult year to run a hockey program, and we have had considerably fewer kids come to the rink and participate in mini-mites.  We are hopeful to get back to normal next season.  

On Saturday, February 13, we will be running a “bring a friend day” at the rink from 2:00-5:00 P.M.  Our hope is that you reach out to one of your skater’s friends and invite them to try hockey that day.  This will be very similar to our “try hockey for free” day – kids who want to skate will be provided with a bag full of hockey gear that day.  Our hope is that by introducing hockey to kids, we find some new skaters who might be interested in joining the program next year.  Please consider asking a friend to join us on February 13!

To sign up, go to

Go Warjacks!

Chris Toner

On December 31st we lost one of our own. Chris Clifford, a beloved coach and alumni of Marathon County Youth Hockey, suffered a life ending ruptured brain aneurysm. Chris had great passion and dedicated much of his time to youth hockey and will be missed dearly by so many. His giving didn't end when he left all of us, as he was an organ donor and will be improving the lives of over 40 recipients and their families. Chris was truly an incredible guy and our hearts will be a little heavier around the rink without him. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and especially our PeeWee skater, Griffin! Fly high Coach Chris.

If you would like to make a donation to the family, there is a Go Fund Me page on the link below.

Attention Hockey Families!

Marathon County Youth Hockey has the opportunity to earn $1000 from US Cellular, through their Community Connections program.  It’s quite simple, but we need your help. 

Please go to the link below, and simply click on the tasks. Our group earns points for each completed task, and if we can reach 20,000 points we will earn $1000 for our hockey program.  There is a time limit of 13 days to complete this, so please do so right away.  Please ask your family and friends to support this as well, so we can reach our goal before the deadline.  If you have multiple email address, you may do it multiple times.

As always, thank you for all you do for our program!