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Hockey Swap

08/11/2015, 10:45am CDT
By Federici

The WarJacks Hockey Swap is back!!  Do you have old gear lying around that is cluttering your basement or garage that your kids have outgrown?  Are you looking to get “new to you” gear at reasonable prices for your skater?  Are you looking to simply donate gear to help get/keep kids on the ice?  If so then come to the WarJacks Hockey Swap on Thursday August 27th in the lobby between MP1 and MP2 at Marathon Park from 6-8pm. 

If you are looking to sell or donate items, please bring them to the Marathon Park lobby on Wednesday August 26th between 7-8pm.  If you are looking to sell items, please make sure that the items are clearly marked with a price and your name so that the funds can be returned to you; in addition, please let us know if you would like any unsold items returned to you or donated to the association.  Donated items can simply be dropped off on Wednesday the 26th.

This is NOT designed to be a fundraiser for the WarJacks, the intention is solely to get gear on the kids and get them on the ice.  Last season, we were able to help out about 20 WarJack families get gear for their skaters – hopefully we can help out even more this year.

Summer Announcements

07/23/2015, 12:45pm CDT
By Federici

The WarJacks Board of Directors has been busy with several exciting new initiatives for the upcoming season.  We have created a Hockey Program Committee, an off season shooting challenge, and our new website has the capabilities for a DIBS program for volunteer efforts and online registration is here.


One of the biggest changes is the creation of the Hockey Program Committee.  The purpose of the Hockey Program Committee is to oversee all aspects of on-ice activities including pre-season ice, tryouts, player selection, coach selection, team selection as well as practice and game schedules.  This group will also be tasked with working with the local high school teams on long-term player development, retention activities, and on-ice programs.  The committee will be chaired by the Vice President of Players, Duke DeByle.


The goal in creating this committee is to create visibility into where decisions are made, create alignment and synergy between the various ad-hoc groups that had been performing these roles in the past, and provide an opportunity for non-board member participation.  The membership of this initial committee was chosen to ensure a balanced group of individuals representing all age groups, levels of skaters, high schools and hockey backgrounds.


It is no secret that a skater can improve their skills tremendously in the off-season with off ice activities and participating in sports other than hockey.  USA Hockey, US Lacrosse and several other sports governing bodies have discovered and recommended that their athletes play other sports in the off season to develop as a total athlete.  However, this doesn’t mean that you put your stick and skates away entirely.  Stick handling and shooting are skills that can and should be worked on at home in the off season.  To that end, earlier this summer we rolled out our Summer Shot Challenge to encourage and reward WarJacks for improving their skills in the off season. 


Finally, we have made numerous changes to our website over the last year and we are nearing the end of the implementation process.  Our webmaster, Amy Raddatz, has done a tremendous amount of work, along with a few other individuals to get our site ready for the upcoming season and we truly appreciate their effort.  The Board of Directors is pleased to finally announce that Online Registration is here and is OPEN.  The days of standing in line at the Howard Johnson’s or Wausau Mine Co are finally in the past.  In addition to being able to register your skater online, you will also be able to track your volunteer credits and sign-up for concession shifts online as well with the new DIBS function on our website.  More details surrounding DIBS will be forthcoming. 


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN – feel free to obtain your USA Hockey number and register for the upcoming season.  If you have SCRIP credit or plan to apply for financial aid, please note that you will have to register in full.  All credits/refunds will be issued electronically, back to your method of payment, by the Treasurer.


Go WarJacks!!


Paul Federici

MCYH President

Online Registration

07/21/2015, 1:45pm CDT
By ar

Online registration for the 15/16 season has begun! Click the big red button on this page to begin.  Don't be late; registrants on and after October 1st will be charged a $50 fee and denied a payment plan.  Go Warjacks! 

Registration Rates 15/16

Squirt/PW(U12)/Bantam(U14): $500
2nd Year Mite: $250
1st Year Mite: $175
2nd Year Mini-Mite: $75
First Year Player: Free


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If you are willing to donate, please see a friendly board member for more information.  Currently, we are in need of:

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