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How to Become a Warjack

Welcome to Warjack Hockey - Greatest Sport on Earth!


Welcome to the 2019-20 Wausau Youth Hockey Registration Key Points about the registration process: ·        

REGISTER WITH USA HOCKEY:  Each player must be registered with USA Hockey before completing this registration for the regular season.  Make sure you print or copy the USA Hockey Registration Number for each player so that you can enter it during this registration.  If you haven’t registered your skaters with USA Hockey for the 2019-20 season, you can use the link to your right, , to register now.  Come back to this site when complete. ·        

ENTER INFORMATION ACCURATELY:  This information is used for emergency contacts, to build email lists and other important tasks.  Getting correct information up front will ensure good communication throughout the year. ·        

REGISTRATION TAKES YOU THROUGH SEVERAL STEPS:  The TABS on the left indicate your progress.  There are important policies that parents and players must review before the season (Social Media, Code of Conduct etc) ·        

JERSEY RENTAL:  There will be a $120 jersey/sponsor tag fee (for Squirts and older) and a $65 jersey/sponsor tag fee that is refundable at the end of the season if the jerseys are returned in serviceable condition. ·        

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS:  Each family is responsible to complete a certain number of DIBS credits based upon the number of skaters that they have.  1 skater = 6 DIBS Credits, 2 skaters = 8 credits and 3+ skaters = 10 credits.  Each concession stand shift = 1 DIBS credit.  Families/individuals will have the ability to earn DIBS credits at various events both during the season and in the off season.  Additional  details regarding our new DIBS program are forthcoming.

Key Dates:

November 9th "Try Hockey for Free Day" All equipment and ice time is provided to try the sport at no expense. Come out and try the game, see the facility, meet the board, ask questions, etc.  Pizza, games, etc. All activities are held at Marathon Park in ice arena.  10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Novemeber 10th - Register/questions/ answers.