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Warjack Summer Picnic

Dear Warjack Families,

You are invited to the WARJACK PICNIC – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11 starting at 5:30 PM @ DOEPKE PARK in RIB MOUNTAIN.  Please see the attached flyer for details.  The picnic is free to all attendees and will be a great opportunity for hockey players to get together for some fun with their teammates.  There is no registration for this event, but if you are considering attending, you can go to  the Warjack page on Facebook and indicate that you are  going.  Kids should bring their hockey sticks, as we will have a shooting cage and stickhandling station.  We are also planning on some kickball and a CrossFit obstacle course.   

INVITE A FRIEND AND HELP US GROW OUR PROGRAM:  In addition, we are asking every Warjack family to invite a friend who might be interested in joining hockey.  We are hoping to introduce hockey to new players and grow our program.  It is very important that we grow our program, so we are asking every Warjack family to participate.  Sometimes, all it takes for a kid to try hockey is to be personally invited by a friend.  


We will bring hockey gear for new players to try on and will be providing information about our Try Hockey for Free event.  In addition, we will be hosting an open ice session at Greenheck on Sunday, August 15 from 1-4 PM.  Kids can come and skate,  and new players who are interested in learning to  skate can give it a try.  

Some kids have their last day of WAYSA soccer that night.  They are welcome to invite their team to the picnic – we will have free ice cream!

As a reminder,  the Board has approved a  Dibs credit for anyone who successfully recruits a new player into Warjacks hockey.  All kids who attend will receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win some raffle prizes.  Any kid  that brings a friend will get a second raffle ticket.  

Hope to see everyone at the picnic!  Go Warjacks!


Recruit and Earn DIBS!


This year, one of the main goals of the Warjacks Board of Directors is to grow the number of kids in our program.  We lost players last year that we hope to get back.  We are working to increase our numbers at all levels, and are asking for your help in recruiting former Warjacks players back into the program and introducing new families to hockey.  This year, we have voted to award a maximum of one Dibs credit to families who either:

  1. Recruit a new family into Warjacks hockey; or 
  2. Recruit a family that left our program last year to come back this  year.

When registering, the new or returning family must list you as the person who recruited them into the program.  The intent is to grow the number of families in our program.  It doesn’t count for a family to recruit the younger sibling of an existing Warjacks player.  For example, my daughter will be a third year Mite, and my son will be a first year Mite.  A DIBS credit won’t be awarded for getting my son into hockey.  The focus of this incentive is to grow the game and introduce new families into hockey, or to get families back who left us last year.

Please help us grow our program!  

Chris Toner