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Dibs and Game Scheduling Information

Warjack Families:

We have had a flood of questions regarding DIBS. If you have question regarding DIBS please contact your Level Director. These are listed below:

Bantam Division Director: Kraig Kruzan -

PeeWee Division Director: Dan Graveen -

Squirt Division Director: Chris Grosskreutz -

Mite Division Director: Anthony Tranchita -

For questions on scheduling games contact the organizations Game Scheduler.

Justin Welsch- 

2021 Storm Season Update

Hockey season is here! A few updates for Storm as we kick off the season. 

Parent resources:

Storm Handbook

Storm FAQ

Storm Committee contact info


  • 10U will be skating at Marathon Park
  • One team with around 15 skaters
  • Coaches will be BJ Brandt, Travis Sherden and Jocelyn Walters
  • First week of practice will be 10/5 at 5:30-6:30pm and 10/7 at 5:30-6:00pm. 
  • Schedules can be found on SportsEngine or by looking on the MCYHA page. 



  • 12U will be skating at Mosinee
  • One team with around 14 skaters. 
  • Coaches will be Jacques DuVair, Tony Robinson, Matt Boris and Dan Hekrdle 
  • First week of practice will be 10/4 at 7:30-8:30pm and 10/7 at 7:30-8:30pm 
  • Schedules can be found on SportsEngine or by looking on the Mosinee Hockey page, (the complete schedule will not be posted until later this weekend.)


  • 14U will be skating at Greenheck 
  • We have 28 skaters currently registered and will have an A and B team. 
  • Coaches will be Joe Kelter, Steve Bradley and Dan Cuff
  • First week of practice will be 10/4 at 7:45-8:50pm and 10/7 at 6:45-7:50pm. 
  • Schedules can be found on SportsEngine or by looking on the Everest Hockey page. 
  • Tryouts for teams will be on 10/11 at 7:30-8:50pm and 10/14 at 8-9:20pm. 
  • Parents meeting will be on 10/7 before practice. 

Dual roster status:

Due to our  numbers, we do not anticipate being eligible for dual rostered players this year. 

From WAHA rule book: 

DUAL ROSTERING RESTRICTIONS ~ Dual rostering requests will be considered for: an association need to make a roster of 14 players or less, a goaltending need, or another specific need identified by the association. No more than 50% of players on the approved roster may be dual rostered. WAHA Regional Directors and the Girls' & Women's Section Director will make all final decisions for all dual roster requests. Teams in violation of these restrictions will not be eligible for WAHA State Tournament participation.

We are looking forward to the upcoming season. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the Storm committee members. 

Recruit and Earn DIBS!


This year, one of the main goals of the Warjacks Board of Directors is to grow the number of kids in our program.  We lost players last year that we hope to get back.  We are working to increase our numbers at all levels, and are asking for your help in recruiting former Warjacks players back into the program and introducing new families to hockey.  This year, we have voted to award a maximum of one Dibs credit to families who either:

  1. Recruit a new family into Warjacks hockey; or 
  2. Recruit a family that left our program last year to come back this  year.

When registering, the new or returning family must list you as the person who recruited them into the program.  The intent is to grow the number of families in our program.  It doesn’t count for a family to recruit the younger sibling of an existing Warjacks player.  For example, my daughter will be a third year Mite, and my son will be a first year Mite.  A DIBS credit won’t be awarded for getting my son into hockey.  The focus of this incentive is to grow the game and introduce new families into hockey, or to get families back who left us last year.

Please help us grow our program!  

Chris Toner