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Raffle Winners

02/05/2017, 11:30am CST
By federici
1st Place $2,500.00 Spencer Blumberg
2nd Place $2,000.00 Matt Verwey
3rd Place $1,500.00 Joan Scalcucci
4th Place $750.00 Jenny Mayer
5th Place $500.00 Nancy Kramar
6th Place $250.00 Kelly Brandt
7th Place $250.00 Kris Allen
8th  Place $250.00 Tim Kaczmarowski
9th Place $250.00 Melissa Wendell
10th Place $250.00 Anne Abuzzahab
11th Place $150.00 Don Bohlin
12th Place $150.00 Sarah Zydzik
13th Place $150.00 Jerry Siem
14th Place $150.00 Anne Abuzzahab
15th Place $150.00 Dave Forbes
16th Place $150.00 Zack Martin
17th Place $150.00 Jim Kraimer
18th Place $150.00 Todd Schawbe
19th Place $150.00 Steve Hutchison
20th Place $150.00

Jay Lodholz


Checks will be issued and mailed out to all the winners.  Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets to help support the Wausau WarJacks!

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