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2020 Season FAQ

Question #1:  What will hockey look like this season? 


Answer:           There are many factors at play that must be accounted for in managing this upcoming season.  What our season will look like will depend on many things out of our control.  We are working on two potential options:


Option #1:       We schedule as normal of a season as possible.  This will involve considerably fewer games than we have scheduled in the past, and would focus on scheduling games against mostly local teams.  We would still have tryouts and team selection.


Option #2:       We schedule a purely in-house league for all levels.  We would hold practice a couple nights a week, and potentially run inter-association games at each level depending on the current guidance from the County Health Department.   


Question #2:   What types of safety precautions will the Association take? 


Answer:           The Safety Plan is being developed now, and will be finalized prior to opening our season in October.  The Safety Plan must gain approval from the Marathon County Parks Department and the Marathon County Health Department.  We are working on those plans now.  We are using the guidelines established by the CDC, Wisconsin Health Department, USA Hockey, and WAHA to develop our plan.  A detailed plan will be released to the Association shortly.  Links to those plans are included:

1.      The WAHA Return to Hockey Guidelines.

2.      USA Hockey:

3.      CDC Guidelines:


Question #3:   What type of financial ramifications will COVID have on the Association?


Answer:           The pandemic may force us to make major changes to our program’s typical fundraising efforts.  For example, we are considering whether we can safely operate a concession stand.  We may also consider not hosting home tournaments.  If we lose that revenue, we will need to consider some reduction in the amount of ice time we purchase.  


Question #4:   When is registration?


Answer:           Registration will open on August 15th.  It is critical that we have an early understanding of how many kids will be playing hockey this year so we can effectively manage our ice purchase.  Please strongly consider registering early this year. 


Question #5:   What happens if hockey is cancelled mid-season? 


Answer:           Under this scenario, the Warjacks Board of Directors will assess the situation and will strongly consider a prorated refund of registration fees.  


Question #6:   The pandemic has harmed my family financially.  Are there opportunities for my children to still skate?


Answer:           Yes.  The Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that all kids that want to play hockey this winter have the opportunity to do so.  


Question #7:   How can I help?


Answer:           Great question!  You can help in the following ways:


Take the safety precautions seriously.  The more cases we see in Marathon County, the less of a chance we will have at getting the Health Department to approve the opening of the rink. 


Consider helping with fundraising.  Every dollar we raise will help us to run our program and let our kids skate this winter.


Take the survey and let us know your thoughts on how we can make hockey a safe and enjoyable experience this winter.     


Question #8:   Who can I contact with questions?


Answer:           WAHA is requiring each association to appoint a Safety Officer.  The Warjacks Safety Officer this year will be Chris Toner.  You can reach him at